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Technical Library

WWPI is the recognized source for information on fire retardant treated wood, offering a variety of publications detailing how to properly specify and use fire retardant wood products. To view or download a publication, click on the PDF icon. Please review the Disclaimer concerning this information.


FR Sources of Supply Sources - Fire Retardant Treated Wood
Directory of Western fire retardant treated wood products manufacturers, with sales contact information and fire retardant treatments offered.
1 page, 07/21

Product Use

FR Stamps FireSpec - Code Compliant Fire Retardant-Treated Wood Labels
Details on code-required labels or stamps on interior use and exterior use fire retardant-treated lumber and plywood products.
1 page, 08/17
FR Coatings FireSpec - Fire Retardant Treating vs. Coatings
Details on the advantages of pressure treated fire retardants compared to surface coatings, code requirements regarding coatings and what to look for to ensure you have the proper fire retardant wood.
1 page, 01/22
Flame Spread Flame Spread Performance of Wood Products
Guide from the American Wood Council detailing the flame spread testing methods and ratings for sawn wood and panel products used in construction in the U.S.
7 pages, 05/19

Fire-Rated Assemblies

Assemblies Fire-Resistance Rated Assemblies
Review the tested wood assemblies using D-Blaze, Dricon, Dricon FS and FlamePro on the Assemblies page, complete with links to the respective fire retardant manufacturer.
Web section
CAM DCA 4 - CAM for Calculating and Demonstrating Assembly Fire Resistance
Guide from the American Wood Council reviewing the Component Additive Method (CAM) for calculating the fire resistance detailing the flame spread testing methods and ratings for sawn wood and panel products used in construction in the U.S.
7 pages, 01/19

Building Codes

FRTW in Bldg Code UPDATED! FireSpec - Fire Retardant Wood and the 2018 International Building Code
Code references recognizing the use of fire retardant treated wood in construction in the 2018 International Building Code.
2 pages, 05/18


FPL_Temp_FRTW FPL - Effects of Fire Retardants on Bending Properties of Wood
Research by the U.S. Forest Product Laboratory on the impacts of fire retardant chemicals on the bending properties of wood at elevated temperatures.
24 pages, 09/99
FPL_Temp_FRPlywood FPL - Effect of Fire Retardants on Mechanical Properties of Plywood
Research by the U.S. Forest Product Laboratory on the impacts of fire retardant treatment on the mechanical properties of Douglas fir and Aspen plywood.
22 pages, 02/88
FPL_Therm_FRTW FPL - Test Protocol: Thermal Degradation of Fire Retardant-Treated Plywood
Research by the U.S. Forest Product Laboratory on a test protocol to assess the thremal degradation of fire-retardant treated plywood.
21 pages, 06/91
FR-plywood In-Place Evaluation of Fire Retardant-Treated Plywood
Research by the U.S. Forest Product Laboratory on non-destructive testing for in-place assessment of fire-retardant treated plywood.
6 pages, 09/92

Fire Retardant Manufacturer Resources

Preservative companies that make fire retardant formulations provide many online resources to assist in specifying and using wood products treated with their fire retardants. Below are links for the specific fire retardant brands used by Western treaters.

Interior Fire Retardants

DBlaze D-Blaze
D-Blaze, manufactured by Viance LLC, is regularly used in multifamily and commercial structures, helping reduce construction and insurance costs.
Produced by Arxada, Dricon was introduced in 1981 and for decades has been used successfully in a variety of structures and projects.
FlamePro FlamePro
FlamePro from Koppers Performance Chemicals is a proven successful formulation based on the American Wood Protection Association P50 Standard for Fire Retardants.
FirePro FirePro
Using a proprietary formulation that contains no phosphates, FirePro from Koppers Performance Chemicals offers exceptional fire performance without compromising other engineering properties of the wood.
SaferWood SaferWiid
SaferWood is made with Thermex-FR, a safe and environmentally friendly formulate that renders wood safe from fire. Wood treated with Thermex-FR has passed strict fire and weathering tests and comply with all model building codes.

Exterior Fire Retardants

A natural extension of Arxada's fire retardant products, FRX is used in exterior applications where other materials would transfer hear or allow fire to spread, where sprinkler systems cannot be easily installed or where fire protection is inadequate or not readily available.



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